Laguna PC

Custom Desktops for Home, Gaming, and Crypto Mining

For Home & Work

We're all at home more these days. And while laptops are great, they're expensive, more susceptible to damage, and less powerful than desktop computers. And if you're going to work from home, portability isn't that important!

We'll build you a powerful, cost-effective desktop PC that'll last years. This includes the computer, it's components, peripherals (such as a keyboard, mouse, monitors, speakers, etc.) and anything else you might need.

For Gaming

Today's gaming PCs are crazy powerful; much better than even the brand new Xbox and Playstation. But what to actually buy, especially on a strict budget, is a challenge to figure out.

We'll build the perfect gaming PC for all of your needs: something to with minimal upgrades, or a budget computer built to be upgraded over time. We'll work with you to match your gaming needs, whether it's for 4K gaming, streaming to your TV, adjusting your home internet for perfect online competitive play, and buying the latest hard-to-get videocards.

For Cryptocurrency Mining

Interested in Bitcoin? Ethereum? Making extra money with your computer while you're not using it? With the right parts, your computer can earn money daily. Today's graphics cards can earn up to $20 individually, or even more when paired with additional GPUs. We'll help you build a perfect mining rig, one (or more) that will earn money while you aren't using it. Or while you are! And we'll even fine-tune the settings on your PC to earn the most possible.

Additional Services

Improve Your Home Wi-Fi

Set Up Remote Desktops

Organize Your Smart Home

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